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JEROME BECOMES A GENIUS - The Jewish Way to Brain Power

300,000 copies sold, an award winning international best seller

About the Book  

Jerome Becomes A Genius is a self-help narrative story about three friends;

Eran Katz, a master of memory techniques, became interested in the myth constructed around Jews and their intelligence.  Jerome Zomer, a colorful student and owner of a small clothing business, is searching for a way to succeed in business and in academics.  Itamar Forman, a young university professor, had suggested performing an experiment never before attempted... to transform Jerome from a nonbelieving hedonist into a phenomenon.  Not a phenomenon in the holy Jewish scriptures, but in his secular pursuits - his business and his studies.

And how will this be accomplished?  By using the same unconventional methods which are light years away from Jerome’s reality - Jewish methods and techniques that are taught in Hasidic yeshivas and have been passed down from generation to generation within closed Jewish communities, helping individual Jews to develop a remarkable intelligence and an exceptional memory.


Part 1: The Secret of the Jewish Mind

1.         A Get Together at Cafe Ladino

2.         The Myth of Jewish Smarts
Why have the Jews always been stereotyped as smart, and is there any truth  
to it?

3.          Frankel’s Prophecy - The Principle of Imagination

4.         The Intelligence of Survival – The Principle of the Wondering Mouse 
            What is the connection between physical wandering and cleverness, and what
            place in the world is the most effective to develop creative ideas?

5.         Why Do Jews Always Answer with a Question? - The Principle of the Ultimate Understanding
What will Jewish children never lack, even the poorest ones, and why did Aristotle adopt the system of Talmudic deliberation as the basis of human intellectuality?

6.        The World ‘Finder’s’ Market - The Principle of Upgrading and ‘Judizing’ -        Inventions and creativity, the Jewish way.

7.                Get Yourself a Mega Star Rabbi - the Principle of Inspiration
How a shirt with a likeness of Richard Branson (The owner of Virgin, Inc.) improved Jerome’s performance both professionally and academically.

8.       Hava Nagila - The Principle of Intelligent Behavior 
How can orthodox children’s way of speaking, the clothing of the Kohenim 
           (High priests of the Temple), Hasidic dancing and olive oil improve one’s

Part 2: The Secret of the Exceptional Memory

9.         Always Remember and Never Forget - The Principle of Motivation

10.       The Magical Ink of Rabbi Dahari - How to increase one’s level of understanding and receptivity by using the right ink, the proper paper and the most efficient handwriting style.  The secrets of the Jewish scribes.

11.       The Industry of Wisdom - The Unique Way of Learning in Orthodox Yeshivas - All about the red time and the green time, Jerome’s baritone and other learning methods that you won’t find in any school anywhere in the world!

12.       Jerome’s Memory Improvement Seminar – Part 1-  Suggestions to 
strengthen One’s Concentration and Learning Ability

13.       Jerome’s Memory Improvement Seminar – Part 2 - Extraordinary methods used by prodigies to remember large amounts of information in a short period of time.

14.       Mental Filing Systems - How Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Arie of Modena   remembered Tasks, Lists and Kosher Jokes.

15.       Numbers With Meaning - Easy Ways To Remember Dozens of Telephone Numbers, Important Dates and Meetings with the Help of the Ancient Jewish System of Gematriya Conversion.

16.       Yidiberish - The Amazing Jewish Method For Learning Languages and Terms.

17.       The Face of an Angel - Tzaddikim’s Techniques For Remembering Names
             and Faces
Smart Memory Kit
The Memory Artist
Eran's Seminars & Lectures