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The Super Student Online Seminar


And thank you for joining the free trial version of the 'Super Student Online Seminar'.

I would recommend watching the videos on a full laptop screen. Not on mobile.

Wishing you lot's of fun and Success!

Eran Katz

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Watch the following two videos from the course

Please don't just watch passively. Do the exercise on the second video yourself as if you're there live, in person.

The first memory stunt....and a promise

The Link Method 



Did you succeed in remembering the list?

Well... that's just a glimpse of what you will really be able to do!

Here is a reminder of some of the other valuable topics in the program: 

-  Why Don't We Remember Obvious Stuff? ...keys, notebooks, charger, wallet... where did we put them? 


-  Improve your Attention and Focusing Ability... because we all have ADD, ADHD... and there is a solution at hand. 


-  The Interest Factor - Making the boring interesting.
An ancient method to remember stuff... that, well... is not so interesting... 


-  Organizing a Messy Brain - Study files that actually work.


- How to Remember Passwords, Codes and Formulas


-  Eran's Story… and Why it's Relevant For You
How a lazy, average high school student succeeded... without giving up on his hobbies and parties.
The art of trusting your memory with the right memory methods.

-  The Body Method - How to remember Shakespeare's Plays and all that information that seems too overwhelming...
The first mental filing system that will boost your memory power  


- The 7 Extraordinary Tips to Become a Super Student
How to study efficiently and the best 'out of the box' ideas to improve your grades... without even studying!!!


-  Remembering LOTS of Information For Exams

EVERYTHING you ever wanted to remember - in half the time!

-  Eran's Amazing Memory Stunt - learn how to do it yourself.


-  How to Remember Historical Dates, Numerical Data and Numbers


-  Master Any language – The Fear Factor
Why are we afraid to speak in a foreign language, and why we shouldn't be.


-  Think Your Language isn't Good Enough? 
The surprising shortcut- how to understand any newspaper - in one month!


-  Remember Any Word in Any Language - Forever
How to easily remember foreign words, terms and more


-  The Successful Student Declaration

The final proof that your memory has been totally upgraded

I hope you realized by now that this program is fun and effective... and that I really want you to succeed. 


And if you don't want to continue with the program, that's perfectly fine - I wish you love, health and success.


Always remember that it doesn't matter if you are a good student. You should just be a great human being.



Here are the options again: 


$75 USD

Get the program and give 5 licensees to friends (or students in need via my channels)




Get the program for your personal use - and pay what you can




100% money back guarantee

$39.99 USD

$19.99 USD

$9.99 USD

And finally - If you can't afford to pay anything at all and wish to get this program for free with the promise that you will make good use of it - send me a personal message and get the program at no cost. 

Write to me here:  

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