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Super Success for Students

Imagine  a “wonder pill” that would enable you to:

    Turn your school years into a great, enjoyable experience.

     Study for exams while enjoying the process and not giving up extracurricular activities!!

     Remember twice as much material in half the time.


     Reduce stress and raise self-confidence before exams.


     Improve your grades significantly without additional efforts


Well, such a pill doesn’t really exist… But there’s something much better!

Brain Kids, Seoul, S. Korea.

Students in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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“Voted most popular guest speaker for four years in a row"


Liad Or, Chairperson, Tel Aviv University

Eran Katz, memory stunt master, in a life changing seminar for students.


Turn your school years into a great enjoyable experience!


Study for exams while enjoying the process and not giving up extracurricular activities!


Remember twice as much material in half the time! Reduce stress and raise self-confidence before exams!


With a load of humor, excitement and motivational surprises, Eran Katz reveals extraordinary techniques to boost memory power, develop efficient (yet fun) studying habits and successfully achieve your study goals.


Learn and practice foolproof techniques for easy recall of lectures, articles, and loads of written material for exams!


Facts, quotes, data and general trivia!


Foreign vocabulary, concepts and terms!  Formulas and mathematical equations... and much more!


But above all... Witness amazing memory stunts - and do them yourself!

Performed by your host, Eran Katz, Guinness record holder in memory stunts, who provides the proof that these methods work for every student!

Singapore Super Student Seminar

  Peking Univ, Beijing  

“ A wonderful combination of entertainment and valuable efficient methods”

Bill Schultz, CEO, Coca-Cola Co., South Pacific Asia

Schools, Univeristies and Institutions

Hundreds of leading educational institutions have enjoyed Eran's unique life changing seminar.

Including are: Singapore Management University (MSU), Chulalongkorn Univerisity, Bangkok, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Kelloges lMBA program, University of Beijing, China, The International school of Mumbai, India, Mater Dei high school, Bangkok, Japan Opensense workshops, UN Brain Education Conference, New York, The World Science Forum, Seoul, S. Korea, Livingstone high school, New Jersey, Oxford language school, Denmark, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Singapore Student Association, Korean ministry of education and many more.


"Eran is a magician, spreading his practical magic. His workshops make you become optimistic and inspired that success is in the reach of your hands"


Mariano. A. Davis, CEO, Oxford school of languages

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Phone: +972- 522-401217
Fax: +972-2-6799266


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