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Eran Katz

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The Brain Mastery Program For Kids
Innovative NEW program co-designed with my team from BrainXpansion in Singapore! Specially designed for kids 4 – 12 years old.

Brain Mastery is specially created using proven techniques that develop both the analytical left brain and the intuitive right brain. At BrainXpansion, we strengthen and enhance our participants with whole brain development, that is, leveraging on both left brain and right brain development to arouse curiosity and creativity, foster longer focus and concentration span, increase ability to absorb, retain and recall information, read better and faster, form connection between ideas and improved ability to be creative yet analytical.


Learning struggles are real concern that children (and their parents) will encounter when they step into a fast moving learning environment that they are unfamiliar with.
Early brain development training has a decisive impact on how children function as adults and subsequently on how they affect society. Early brain development matters. Anything that changes your brain, changes who you will become.


These are the key areas where the children will benefit:

•Focus and Concentration

•Creative Thinking

•Analytical and Logical Thinking

•Problem Solving Skills

•Information Absorption

•Memory Retention and Recall

•Learning Speed

•Reading Speed

•Precision and Clarity in Verbal Expression

•Spatial Awareness

•Fine Motor Skills

•Self Confidence

•Social & Interpersonal Skills


If you are interested in offering our Brain Mastery programs, that are specially designed for children from 4 -12 years,  to your school or center, please contact us for more information.

A powerful brain leads to a powerful life.

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For more info please visit:

Contact us at:

19 Kim Keat Road
#02-01 Fu Tsu Building
Singapore 328804
Tel: 62503882


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“In less than 12 weeks with Brain Mastery, I saw a change. 
Now, when she encounters a difficult task, she is more ready to give it a try. In fact, she is more enthusiastic to volunteer an answer without been pushed. I also found that she is better at thinking creatively and logically."


 Mrs Carolyn William, Mother of Jessica William

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