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Secrets of a Super Memory
How many times did you forget the name of a familiar person?
Where you left your car keys?
If you locked the door? Returned a call? The content of an article you read yesterday? A word on the tip of your tongue?
And the list goes on... 
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Eran Katz, international memory master and best selling author, brings the most effective, advanced and foolproof techniques to boost memory power   
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Discover extraordinary techniques to easily remember:

  • Countless names and faces of clients, students and more. 

  • Facts, information, material for exams. anecdotes, tasks, articles, jokes, general trivia and more!

  • Foreign languages, terms, vocabulary, spelling and more!

  • Financial data, scientific figures, equations, numbers, dates and more!

  • Presentations, lectures... and how to stand on stage and remember without visual aids,

But above all, witness amazing memory stunts...and learn how to them!


  Bangkok Bank Seminar, Thailand  

“Eran’s books and methods are necessary for anyone who wishes to reach high levels of success"


Dr. Kanthati Suphamongkon, 39th Foreign Minister of Thailand 

Lecture and Training Objectives


To develop unique memory skills which will increase efficiency, strengthen interpersonal connections, save valuable time, reduce unnecessary stress and transform the memory into an amazing tool in every aspect of your life.


Part 1 – A new approach to memory. Basic principles to transform an ordinary memory into a remarkable one

Part 2 – Learning and practicing the methods – The System of Association, The Roman Room method, the Tree List, and advanced Gematria.

Part 3 – Practical applications – how to remember easily names and faces, meetings and events, reports and articles, projects, data, tasks, numbers, dates and foreign languages


Lecture and training structure can be customised to suit the need of companies and organizations.

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  Seoul, S.Korea Book Launch  

Manila, Philippines

“ A wonderful combination of entertainment and valuable efficient methods”

Bill Schultz, CEO, Coca-Cola Co., South Pacific Asia


Eran has delivered his lectures and seminars to hundreds of leading corporations, universities and educational institutions, including:


Google, eBay, Oracle, IBM, Samsung, The United Nations Brain Education Convention, The World Science Forum – Seoul, S. Korea, The Korean Brain institute, SAT&T, Coca-Cola, Ebay, Google, Japan Open-sense, Microsoft, Newton Life Church, Singapore Government, Thai Chamber of Commerce, Verint HK Motorola and more.


"Eran is a magician, spreading his practical magic. His workshops make you become optimistic and inspired that a successful memory is at the reach of our hands"


Mariano. A. Davis, CEO, Oxford school of languages

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Phone: +972- 522-401217
Fax: +972-2-6799266


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