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The Super Student Program - Age 7+

Eran Katz's Popular Recorded Memory Course for Students

Eran Katz 

Memory and Brain Trainer
In a fun and efficient seminar for parents and students



Do you want to help your child remember better?

Improve their attention skills and help them concentrate?

Get higher grades and success in the future?

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Eran Katz reveals extraordinary techniques to boost memory power, that every kid can apply immediately.

Here's how your child will benefit:

It will turn their school years into a great enjoyable experience.

They will study while enjoying the process and not giving up extracurricular activities!!

They will be able to remember twice as much material in half the time.

The program will reduce stress, anxiety and raise self-confidence before exams.

It will help them focus and be less absent minded



  Singapore Super Student Seminar

  Students in Hanoi, Vietnam

Special Offer - Till Jan. 24, 2024

Only $69 USD ! (Instead of $149 USD)


“ Eran's Seminar was Amazing. My three sons and I went to hear him.

The boys said it's the best seminar they ever attended"


Nick Clegg
Former deputy Prime Minister of Great Britain
Leader of the Liberal Democratic party.

Recorded before a live audience of students and parents in Singapore !

Adjusted to your childs personal involvement and success:



The program is pure fun, humorous and very effective.

Here are some of the valuable topics in the program, especially designed for ages 7+: 

-  Why Don't We Remember Obvious Stuff? ...keys, notebooks, charger, wallet... where did we put them? 


-  Improve your Attention and Focusing Ability... because we all have ADD, ADHD...  


-  The Link Method - How to remember lists, procedures, steps, classifications and more!


-  The Interest Factor - Making the boring interesting.
An ancient method to remember stuff... that, well... is not so interesting... 


-  Organizing a Messy Brain - (The brain... not your room. Don't worry). Study files that actually work.


- How to Remember Passwords, Codes and Formulas


-  Eran's Story… and Why it's Relevant For You
How a lazy, average high school student succeeded... without giving up on his hobbies and parties.
The art of trusting your memory with the right memory methods.

-  The Body Method - How to remember Shakespeare's Plays and all that information that seems too overwhelming...
The first mental filing system that will boost your memory power  


- The 7 Extraordinary Tips to Become a Super Student
How to study efficiently and the best 'out of the box' ideas to improve your grades... without even studying!!!


-  Remembering LOTS of Information 

EVERYTHING you ever wanted to remember - in half the time!

-  Eran's Amazing number memory stunt - learn how to do it yourself.


-  How to Remember Historical Dates, Numerical Data and Numbers


-  Master Any language – The Fear Factor
Why are we afraid to speak in a foreign language, and why we shouldn't be.


-  Think Your Language isn't Good Enough? 
The surprising shortcut- how to understand any newspaper - in one month!


-  Remember Any Word in Any Language - Forever
How to easily remember foreign words, terms and more


-  The Successful Student Declaration

The final proof that your memory has been totally upgraded

Thai kids.png

  Nanmee books event  Bangkok, Thailand

  Korean Students, Seoul


  Tel Aviv University, Israel


  Students camp, Thailand

Special Offer - Till Jan. 25, 2024

Only $69 USD ! (Instead of $149 USD)

Eran's books were translated to 18 languages, sold 500,000 copies and won literary prizes

Hundreds of leading educational institutions have enjoyed Erans unique life changing seminar.


Among them are:
Singapore Management University (MSU), 
- Chulalongkorn Univerisity, Bangkok,
- Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
- Kelloges lMBA program 
- University of Beijing, China 
- The international school of Mumbai, India,
- Japan opensense workshops 
- UN Brain Education Conference, New York 
- The World Science Forum, Seoul, S. Korea 
- Livingstone high school, New Jersey 
- Oxford language school, Denmark,
- Ulus school, Istanbul, Turkey
...and many more.

And now, for the first time -

Enjoy the complete online version of Eran's popular Super Student program!

Dan Ariely.jpeg

“ Eran is captivating. His positive messages and methods can help anyone who wishes to improve their memory and think about their thinking"


Prof. Dan Ariely, Duke University. Author of 'Predictably Irrational’.

How does it work?
1. Get immediate access to the 3 hour recorded program
2. Make hot chocolate
3. Watch the videos (with your child or let them enjoy by themselves)
4. Get involved, learn the techniques, perform the memory tricks, have fun (drink the hot chocolate)... and give your child a bright future, free of study anxieties and lots of success at school

Remote Learning

International Press

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"Eran is a magician, spreading his practical magic. His workshops make you become optimistic and inspired that a successful memory is at the reach of our hands"


Mariano. A. Davis, CEO, Oxford school of languages

How much does the Super Student Program for kids cost? 

Special Offer - Till Jan. 25, 2023

Only $69 USD ! (Instead of $149 USD)

Sharing Student

For full lifetime access!

3 hours of fun, engaging recorded videos
Customized for ages 7+

Watch anytime, Anywhere

The Seminar promises immediate results, with full guarantee by Eran Katz!

A dramatic improvement in school grades, diminishing anxiety and exam fear and saving study time.

If all the above mentioned did not happen - you will be fully refunded, no question asked.

Still not sure?
Contact Me personally!

Really, anytime!
I answer every question and request.

My goal is to help your child.

After 30 years of experience, I honestly promise that your child will receive a wonderful gift for his/her future success. 

My email:

My Personal phone #: +972522401217 

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