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How to Forget Bad Memories

Trying to overcome unpleasant events from the past?
Suffering from pain, anxiety and fear following disappointments and crisis?
Want to feel less pain and gain back control of your life?

'Delete -How to forget bad memories' provides useful tips, exercises and inspiring insights to help neutralize painful scars, let go of the past and live a better life.

Eran Katz, best selling author on memory and brain power, introduces effective methods that help convert traumas to emotionless memories.

Among the topics and exercises taught:
- 'The past is not what it used to be' - some unexpected surprises about our personal past.
- Scientific methods to disconnect an associative problematic memory.
- Why did this happen to me and why do I deserve it? A particularly thought-provoking chapter.
- 'The Kinder Egg and the Penthouse' - the advanced stage for the emotional numbing that accompanies a traumatic memory.
And more unique and helpful lessons to forget bad memories

This book can help:
- If you suffer from charged memories, anxiety, and feel afraid to try again new attempts.
- If you have been hurt in the past... and you are interested in discovering ways to put the past aside, control memories, move forward and improve the quality of life.

And mainly If you have the courage to try. Try solutions that have already helped many others.

" In the carriages of the past we can't go anywhere"
Maxim Gorky

Note from Eran:
Please be kind and rate the book on Amazon... and share your thoughts about it. Thanks!

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