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Amazing Brain Skills
That we didn't know we have

Lectures & Seminars

Are you taking advantage of your strongest and most efficient tool – YOUR BRAIN?


Professionals, managers, executives, business owners who have trained their brain and memory can easily transform simple tasks into outstanding achievements. Since time is valuable and you want to get to the point – here you have it:

Eran’s best selling TED style lectures in one single seminar package!


I. Develop a Super Memory - Learn the 3 principles that will boost your memory.
Learn how to instantly remember everything you read or hear: facts, data, articles and even jokes.
Create impactful presentations without notes –you will succeed in wow-ing your audience with large amounts of information conveyed in a convincing


2. Make the Right Decision in 2 minutes - Based on scientific research discover why do rational people believe that they can beat the casino. Can we create a mental mechanism to avoid making fatal mistakes in the future? 

3. Erase bad memories and failures and move on to success - Do past failures make you feel insecure? Are you afraid to reach for the stars? The burden of the past and its impact on our future. Learn how to disable unwanted memories and move from failure to success with renewed enthusiasm and motivation. 

Bangkok Bank Executives, BKK, Thailand

Mind Hacking Seminar, Singapore


“ Eran's positive messages and methods can help anyone who wishes to improve their memory and think about their thinking."


Prof. Dan Ariely, Duke University. Author of 'Predictably Irrational’.


4. Learn the Art of Getting Lucky 

What is the difference between lucky people and unlucky ones?
Learn The art of creating luck and prosperity for yourself & others.


5. Develop a Super Memory for Names and Faces What’s the name of that guy I just met?
Learn extraordinary techniques used by memory masters: The Gucci association, the JFK technique, the twin's effect, Napoleon's technique and other efficient methods to easily remember names. 

6. Language Hacking - Learn any language faster and remember vocabulary indefinitely.

Manila, Philippines

  Peking Univ, Beijing  

“ A wonderful combination of entertainment and valuable, efficient methods”

Bill Schultz, CEO, Coca-Cola Co., South Pacific Asia

About Eran

Eran Katz is a best-selling author, entertaining speaker and seminar leader on memory and intelligence.

Eran has delivered his lectures and seminars to hundreds of leading corporations, universities and educational institutions, including:


Google, eBay, Oracle, IBM, Samsung, The United Nations Brain Education Convention, The World Science Forum – Seoul, S. Korea, The Korean Brain institute, SAT&T, Coca-Cola, Ebay, Google, Japan Open-sense, Microsoft, Newton Life Church, Singapore Government, Thai Chamber of Commerce, Verint HK Motorola and more.

Katz is the bestselling author of "Secrets of a Super Memory" "Jerome Becomes a Genius" and "Five Gifts for the Mind".

His books are translated to 17 languages and have won literary prizes


"Eran is a magician, spreading his practical magic. His workshops make you become optimistic and inspired that success is in the reach of your hands"


Mariano. A. Davis, CEO, Oxford school of languages


Contact Eran

For any inquiries, questions, quotes and bookings please contact Eran at: 

Phone: +972- 522-401217
Fax: +972-2-6799266

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