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The Super Student Online Program for Kids


And thank you for trying out the program.

I would recommend watching the video on a full laptop screen. Not on mobile.

Wishing you lot's of fun and Success!

Eran Katz

Eran 5.jpg

Oh... and Please don't just watch passively! 

Watch the video with your child and see the results for yourselves !

Come on... please try it now!


Smiling Sun Patch


Did you succeed in remembering?

Can you imagine how much more your child will benefit?


100% money back guaranteed any time


Special Offer - Till Dec. 2, 2023

Only $69 USD ! (Instead of $149 USD)


For full lifetime access!

3 hours of fun, engaging recorded videos
Customized for ages 7+

Watch anytime, Anywhere

Still not sure?
Contact Me personally!

Really, anytime!
I answer every question and request.

My goal is to help your child.

After 30 years of experience, I honestly promise that your child will receive a wonderful gift for his/her future success. 

My email:

My Personal phone #: +972522401217 


Eran Katz

The Seminar promises immediate results, with full guarantee by Eran Katz!

A dramatic improvement in school grades, diminishing anxiety and exam fear and saving study time.

If all the above mentioned did not happen - you will be fully refunded, no question asked.

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