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The Super Student Online Seminar

Welcome participants of the Malta book fair!

I am honored to participate at the 2020 Malta book fair and delighted to offer you my 'Super Student Online Seminar', free during the book fair.

Please don't just passively watch. Do the exercises yourself as if you're there live, yourself.

I would also like to recommend watching the videos on a full laptop screen. Not on mobile.

Wishing you lot's of fun and Success!

Eran Katz

Eran 5.jpg

1. Eran's promise

2. Why Don't We Remember Obvious Stuff...?

Lesson 3: Improve Your Attention Skills. Become a Detective.

Lesson 4: The Human Save Button

Lesson 5: The Link Method

Lesson 6: Making the Boring Interesting

Lesson 7: Organizing a Messy Brain

Lesson 8: How to Remember Passwords, Codes and Formulations

Lesson 9: Eran's Story... and Why it's Relevant for You?

Lesson 10: The Body Method - How to Remember Shakespear's Plays

Lesson 11: Well, Not Really a Lesson... a Relaxing Break

Mr. Bean's Exam

Lesson 12: The 7 Extraordinary Tips to Become a Super Student

Lesson 13: More Valuable Tips... And the 8th Shocking Rule

Lesson 14: How to remember LOT'S of information for exams

Lesson 15: Eran's Amazing Memory Stunt

Lesson 16: How to Remember Historical Dates and Numbers

Lesson 17: B-Lingual - Master Any Language

The Fear Factor

Lesson 18: Think Your Language Isn't Good Enough?

Lesson 19: Remember Any Word in Any Language - Forever

Lesson 20: The Super Student Declaration... and the Final Proof

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