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The Super Memory Online Program

By Eran Katz


And thank you for your genuine interest in the 'Super Memory Online Program'.

Following are THREE samples for your learning experience in EACH part of the program(So, please scroll down and check them out).

Please don't just watch passively. Do the exercises yourself as if you were sitting in a class.

I would also like to recommend watching the videos on a full laptop screen. Not on mobile.

Wishing you lot's of fun and Success!

Eran Katz

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Special Offer: 

(Valid till June 30,2020)

Get the program for  $75 USD - and share it with 2 other people (Get 3 licenses)

Get the program for your personal use for only $49.95 USD


Purchase button right after the trial page, at the bottom 

Part one - Effective Memory

Train Your Brain... How not to Forget

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Train your Brain - Lesson 9

How to prevent distraction - the art of focusing

Please watch the video. I recommend watching it at its' current size to maintain the best resolution

Click on the PDF. Print it... and follow the instructions

Train your Brain - Lesson 3

"... And some things we always forget!"

What don't we remember so well?

Hand Holding Brown Paper Bag

Part Two - Social Memory

A Super Memory for Names & Faces

bkk bank 54.JPG



Hello Jack… err… Jim, I Mean, John...


What’s so important about remembering names?

1. green world.JPG

Click and open this PDF

Part Three - Smart Memory

Easily Remember Facts, Lectures, Foreign Vocabulary, Numbers, Password Codes, Study Material and more   

ספרים עתיקים.jpg

This part contains the 'Super Student Seminar' I delivered at the Life Long Institute in Singapore.

You will actively take part in the seminar.

Check out this sample - the basic link method.

Hope you enjoyed!

And I guarantee that you will benefit from the entire valuable rich content I am providing in this program, based on 30 years of experience and 2500 seminars!

 if you are still not sure, you are more then welcome to contact me personally... before, during and after the program:

I answer every email... and I'm always happy to help, guide and advise on specific memory related questions you may have... Needles to say - free of charge.

I wish to remind that the program is yours for unlimited time.. and that you get ALL the content immediately  (40 lessons - 4-6 hours of enjoyable learning)!

 Valid till June 30,2020

Get the program for $75 - and share it with 2 other people (Get 3 licenses)


Get the program for your personal use for only $49.95 USD


Thanks and wishing all the best

Eran Katz

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