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About Eran Katz

ERAN KATZ is a leading speaker on memory and intelligence and a popular guest on TV and radio shows.


He has delivered his lectures and seminars to hundreds of leading multinational companies and organizations worldwide including Motorola, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Nokia, General Electric, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Avis, The European Petrochemical Association, Singapore Government, Japan Opensense workshops, Thai Chamber of Commerce and many more.

In his youth years he worked in the cowshed on kibbutz Yahel and remembered all the cows’ names.

In fulfilling his military function as a radar operator, he remembered an infinite number of frequencies and markers using extraordinary techniques that, at present, he teaches during his lectures.

Approximately 250,000 people around the world have attended one of the 1800 entertaining lectures and seminars he has delivered.

Katz also holds the Israeli Guinness Book of World Records title in memory stunts.

His books, ‘Secrets of a Super Memory’ and ‘Five Gifts for the Mind‘ have been on the bestsellers list in 4 countries. Translation rights for his books were sold in 17 languages.

Katz is married to Yael and has two charming daughters, Gali and Tamari. His wife is also charming, but continually complains that he never remembers to take out the garbage.

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