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Five Gifts for the Mind  

Eran Katz
Ranked # 1 on non-fiction best sellers lists in Israel and S. Korea

Professor Jerome Zommer receives an anonymous letter from an 'Asian student' challenging him with five assignments, each related to a certain brain skill that is supposedly impossible to do. 
Together with Misun Park, his student, he begins a journey taking him into Asian and Jewish practical wisdom:


  • How to erase unwanted memories and information from our brain mastering Korean techniques.  

  • Make ANYONE buy your idea or product using the Jewish and Chinese five step persuasion program

  • How Apple inc. used Japanese neuro-aesthetic rules of beauty to "hypnotize" the world and how we can create the same impact.

  • The amazing '400 meter' method to control desires… and how to enjoy "guilty" sins without regret and guilt? 

  • Six Indian brain 'apps' that will help prevent making fatal mistakes and reach the right decisions in seconds! 


Who is this student? Why the assignments? 
The shocking discovery will shake professor Zommers personal life, revealing one of East Asia's most mysterious historical facts.
Five Gifts for the Mind combines practical brain skills with an intriguing suspense story. 

Best selling author Eran Katz's provides self help methods based on scientific research, ancient wisdom and outstanding historical facts. The book was ranked #1 on best seller lists in Israel and S.Korea and continues to be a steady seller.

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